creative producer - composer - musician 

I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist and creative producer specialising in inter-disciplinary projects, arts development and visual theatre.


As a composer and musician, I write a variety of contemporary classical and neo-folk pieces for stage, film and concert hall and perform as a cellist, pianist, singer and accordionist in a diverse array of creative settings. 

In 2008 I won the National Centre for Early Music Young Composers Competition for 'Stabat Mater', which was performed by the Tallis Scholars in Beverley Minster. In 2013 I musical directed and arranged Joe Hisaishi's score for an international stage production of Studio Ghibli's film 'Princess Mononoke' that toured to London and Japan. Between 2016-2018 I played with contemporary classical ensemble Aeyther, which resulted in studio album 'Into the Forest' and performances around the country. My Fantasy for Viola and Orchestra was premiered by the Hull Philharmonic in May 2019, with soloist Timothy Ridout.   


As a creative producer I am the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Moving Parts Arts Ltd., which produces the biennial Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival. Now in it's second edition, the festival won The Journal Culture Award for 'Best Newcomer' in 2018. 


I am also the Co-Director for the award-winning Beverley Puppet Festival, which attracts 13,000 people with each instalment and Co-Artistic Director of Tatwood Puppets, which produces touring work featuring puppetry, visual theatre and original soundtracks. 

"extremely impressive"

Peter Phillips - Director of The Tallis Scholars

on 'Stabat Mater'

Winning entry of the 2008 National Centre for Early Music Young Composers Competition