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ALBUM OF THE MONTH - The Crack Magazine, November 2023


"a heart-in-the-mouth experience that blends soaring choral pieces, classical and spoken word to grandstanding effect. Outstanding."

The Crack Magazine (full review)

Requiem for a Fading World is a live music performance that tells a fantastical, post-apocalyptic tale for modern times.

This new work by award-winning, Newcastle-based composer Kerrin Tatman is written for choir, solo singers and a chamber ensemble, and features English lyrics by Holy Moly & the Crackers songwriter Rosie Bristow. The secular, narrative piece blends contemporary classical, choral and folk influences and turns the traditional Requiem structure on its head.


Set in a landscape of perpetual winter, where all modern fuel resources have nearly run out, we follow two solo singers – a Mother and her Daughter – on their separate journeys to navigate this harsh terrain. The Daughter leads an army into a deadly battle to capture and harness the last remnants of fuel resource available to mankind. The Mother searches for greener pastures by working with the natural world. Who will succeed?

This project was part of my 2022-2023 Artist Residency at The Glasshouse: International Centre for Music (previously SageGateshead).

Music by Kerrin Tatman

Lyrics by Rosie Bristow

Comic book artwork by Kris Stewart

Dramaturgy by Becky Musgrove

Produced by Kerrin Tatman in assoc. with Sage Gateshead

Costumes by Rosie Bristow


Rehearsal choir direction: Tim Burke

Accompanists: Alison Gill, Drew Cantrill-Fenwick, Emily Murray


Solo Alto ‘Mother’ / Percussion: Jacqui Wicks

Solo Soprano ‘Daughter’ / Percussion: Emily Brown Gibson

Piano: Alison Gill

Violin 1: Ed Cross

Violin 2: Julian Cann

Viola: Gayle Roberts 

‘Cello: Ele Leckie

Double Bass: John Pope 

Flute / Piccolo: Clare Crinson

Oboe / Cor Anglais: Philip Cull 

Clarinet / Bass Clarinet: Sue Hurrell 

Bassoon / Contrabassoon: Sharon Clatworthy

French Horn: Chris Senior

Trumpet: Alex Lewis

Percussion: Will Hammond and Rosie Bristow


Choir of soldiers, ghosts, farmers, demons, mourners and humanity

First Sopranos: Becky Musgrove, Jo Tolan, Katie Bredin, Shirley Wilkinson, Shona Alexander

Second Sopranos: Amber Tatman, Angela Harrington, Helen Barber, Rosie Tate

Altos: Cecilia Wang, Emma Kerfoot, Heather Hull

Tenors: Chris Hull, Peter Vasey, Phil Kerfoot, Tom Albans

Basses: Anthony Mitchell, David Blackwell, Gareth Jenkins, Jamie Blake, Tim McElwaine

Technical team

Recorded and mixed by Rob Irish

Videography by Rob Irish and Dan Alecks

Stage Manager: Andy Greenshields

Stage Tech: Francis Murphy

Stage Tech: Nicholas Milburn

Recording Engineer: Richard Halling

FoH Engineer: Sam Williams

Lighting Engineer: Joe Dixon

Lighting Engineer: Josh Dunn

Photographer: Victoria Wai


A huge thank you to the production, marketing and technical team at Sage Gateshead who has supported this project, with special thanks to Adele Carmichael, Fergal Harkin, Mary Wilson, Matthew Jones, Rianne Thompson and Tim Burke.

"[a] striking testament to a sprawling, momentous achievement." 4.5/5" NARC Magazine (full review)

Kerrin Tatman Composer playing at the cello with a Help Musicians support frame
PRS Foundation logo

I am thrilled and very thankful to have been supported by Help Musicians UK (Music-led Creative Collaboration fund) and the PRS Foundation (The Open Fund), who granted funding towards the creation of the Requiem. 

Excerpt from Requiem for a Fading World comic book issue one drawn by Kris Stewart Aquemini Arts with music by Kerrin Tatman Composer. Scenes of fantasy war and drama.

comic book

Requiem for a Fading World is also an experimental fusion of contemporary classical music and graphic novel illustration. Audiences who attended the debut performance of the work were able to follow the visuals of Kris Stewart’s comic book art live whilst listening to the music. The first issue of the comic spans the first and second movements Requiem Aeternam and Kyrie.

The first issue of the comic book is now available in independent comic book shop Travelling Man or from my Bandcamp store. This experiment of merging music and comic books hopes to make contemporary classical music more accessible, particularly to a younger generation. We hope to produce more issues of the comic to span all movements of the Requiem in the near future.

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